If you’ve been searching for townhomes to rent in PA, chances are that you have a list of things that your next home must have: the right location, a safe community, and rent you can afford. And just a few short years ago, finding rental townhomes with these necessities would have sufficed for you and your family.

Today’s renters in Pennsylvania are looking for more. As work and learning have either totally or partially transitioned to the home, a home office or learning space may be necessary. Other features, like being within walking distance of a safe park or other outdoor amenities, are no longer just “nice-to-have extras.” For some, these amenities have upgraded to “must-haves.”

So how do you determine the difference in what you need versus want in your next rental? Since circumstances are different for every person, we’ll examine a few scenarios and help you figure out whether it’s a want or need.

How Much Monthly Rent Can You Comfortably Afford?

Townhome properties often provide a list of amenities that save time and sanity when you need to spend more time at home. But don’t let the over-the-top amenities at a townhome for rent lure you into a false sense of security. Before you lease your dream townhome, put some numbers down on paper so that you plan with your head, not just your heart.

Financial guru Dave Ramsey recommends that your rent payments do not exceed 25% of your take-home income. Yes, that means AFTER taxes are taken out of your check! Then you should consider the total monthly cost for utilities, internet, television, streaming services, renters insurance, and electricity. Be sure to check the lease carefully to determine if the landlord is responsible for things like water, sewer, and trash or if you need to also pay for those items.

If you find a townhome for rent in PA that you love but can’t afford, you may still have a few options. If single, you could find a multi-bedroom townhome and split living expenses with a roommate. If you are living with a partner or spouse, you may be able to pick up extra jobs on the weekends between the two of you. But be sure to ask if sacrificing your free time is worth living in that rental. It may be wiser to find something within your budget.

Now that you have a recommended budget let’s dive into what a dream townhouse rental could look like for you in 2023! 

What Location Considerations Must You Make?

What is one of the most critical factors that affect which rental townhome to choose? Location, for sure! You likely want something that isn’t too far from your job and in a good school district for your kids, making a certain location a factor you need to have. But if you work from home and don’t have kids, your preferred location can be more of a want.

Perhaps you prefer something that has a small-town atmosphere but is close to city conveniences. In that case, finding a townhome for rent in Hanover, PA, or any of the surrounding southcentral Pennsylvania towns may be perfect for you. With short drives to big cities and the safety and comfort of a close-knit community, these rental townhomes from Burkentine Rentals are ideal locations.

What Are Your Personal Travel Preferences?

Are you a person who prefers to walk to most places for exercise and to save money on gas? Then a walkable community with shops and restaurants nearby is something you may need. If you don’t have a vehicle, the availability of public transportation nearby will become a need instead of a want. You can use the extra time on public transportation to relax or catch up on your favorite podcast while saving money for other priorities.

Maybe you have a dream car and love taking it for spins down the street and traveling to larger cities nearby. In that case, you’ll need to find a rental townhome equipped with a safe parking place. A one-car garage with indoor access to your unit may be nice, but is it necessary for you? Keep that answer in mind as you search for townhomes for rent in PA.

Which Safety Features Must You Have?

When it comes to your safety, you can’t be too cautious. But what safety precautions are something that would be nice to have or something you must have? For example, must you have a home security system? Some townhomes offer security systems that you can activate for a fee, and others you must install yourself with permission from your landlord.

Having working locks on your doors and windows is an absolute need. You want to ensure you feel comfortable and secure in your home. Find out if your dream community offers extra safety measures. This could mean motion-detecting lights or paid community security.

Is Your Townhome’s Floor Plan Important to You?

With various floor plans available in rental townhomes, you’ll want to find something that can work for you. For example, if you have trouble navigating stairs, you need a one-floor rental or something with elevator access.

How many bedrooms do you need? Perhaps one for you and your spouse and one for your kids. But do you want an extra bedroom to function as a home office or guest bedroom? Determine the ideal number of bedrooms you want versus the minimum you need.

Which Amenities Do You Want or Need?

Today’s renters are looking for high-end finishes in their next lease. Upgraded kitchens? Yes, please! Expect a well-appointed townhome to feature granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances. That’s one of the advantages of rental townhomes, particularly newer builds. Are these amenities you absolutely need because you’re an aspiring chef? Or are they just something you’d like to have?

You may also want an open-concept living room, which is another great space for hosting friends, though it may not be necessary for some. Some townhome communities feature community entertaining areas to use for bigger groups. If you prefer the quiet comforts of home, you’ll look for a townhome in Hanover with a private patio or balcony where you can relax and unwind.

The following additional amenities should be considered as something you cannot live without or something that would be an extra perk:

  • On-site gym or fitness center
  • Community pool
  • Movie theater
  • Private park
  • Access to walking trails
  • Residential clubhouse
  • Business center

Find Everything You Want and Need in a Rental Townhome from Burkentine!

Now that you’ve had a chance to consider your wants and needs in your next rental townhome, you can start finding the perfect place for you! And Burkentine Rentals has attractive townhome communities with outstanding amenities, superb locations, and the features you want. Schedule a time to speak with one of our rental representatives today!