The first step in moving in with a roommate is finding the best apartment complex in Mechanicsburg, PA.  Whether you are living with your best friend or a total stranger, having a roommate can present a few challenges.  We’re sharing our tips to help make cohabiting a fun and positive experience.

Benefits of Having Roommates in the Best Apartment Complex in Mechanicsburg, PA

There are a lot of benefits to living with roommates.  With an additional resident, you can split expenses, often affording you a nicer and larger apartment or townhome.  If you have a pet, you can share responsibilities.  You may also feel safer with a roommate.  And of course, companionship for meals and free time is a great benefit!  

Tips for Living with a Roommate

  1. Set Expectations: The best way to successfully cohabitate is by setting expectations from the beginning.  This includes shared expenses, chores, guests, and shared spaces.  Discuss how you would like to address any conflicts that arise.  Open and honest communication will keep everyone happy!
  2. Respect Each Other’s Space: While having a roommate has many benefits, it does mean sacrificing some personal space.  Be mindful of boundaries and privacy so that everyone feels comfortable.
  3. Divide Chores Fairly: Avoid resentment by creating a chore schedule or rotation for household tasks like cleaning, grocery shopping, and cooking.  
  4. Be Considerate: Being kind can go a long way in ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable relationship with your roommates.  Clean up after yourself, help with chores, and be respectful of each other’s schedules.  For example, no loud late-night music when you know your roommate has an early meeting or if they cook, you do the dishes.  

By following these tips and having open communication, living with a roommate can be a fun and memorable experience that makes all of your lives more enjoyable. 

Best Apartment Complex in Mechanicsburg, PA

If you’re searching for the best apartment complex in Mechanicsburg, PA, schedule a tour for your and your roommates at the Terraces of Shepardstown.  Our townhome apartment units offer 3 floors, giving you privacy and shared living spaces.  Call us today at 717-633-5163 to schedule a tour!