Making the most of your storage space is a common challenge for apartment residents.  With a little creativity, you can add functional storage to your Chambersburg, PA apartment that blends in with your design preferences and provides a place for you to store your belongings.

5 Apartment Storage Ideas

  1. Under bed storage.  This one is easy and inexpensive.  There are lots of options for storage containers designed to roll under your bed for easy access.  Maximize this space by using vacuum-sealed bags for things like seasonal clothes and extra linens.
  2. Add shelves.  Tall bookshelves can be used for more than just books.  Display your favorite decor items and use decorative baskets and bins for discreet hidden storage.  Adjustable shelves will allow you to accommodate items in a variety of sizes.
  3. Dual purpose furniture.  When shopping for furniture, seek out items that have hidden storage.  Ottomans can double as a coffee table while storing blankets or games.  Coffee tables with shelves or drawers also provide additional storage in your Chambersburg, PA apartment.  These items will allow you to add storage without sacrificing style.
  4. Hanging storage.  Hooks, pegboards, and hanging organizers all allow you to take advantage of vertical wall space and doors.  Magnetic strips in the kitchen can free up drawer space by holding knives or metal spice containers.
  5. Kitchen Island Cart.  If you love spending time in the kitchen you may be wishing for more kitchen storage in your Chambersburg, PA apartment.  A small kitchen island can provide additional storage and counter space.

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