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Need More Space? Apartment Storage Ideas You Can Use Today!

chambersburg pa apartment

Making the most of your storage space is a common challenge for apartment residents.  With a little creativity, you can add functional storage to your Chambersburg, PA apartment that blends in with your design preferences and provides a place for you to store your belongings. 5 Apartment Storage Ideas Now Taking Applications: Chambersburg, PA Apartment… Read more »

Best Gift Ideas for Renters

townhome for rent carlisle pa

If you know someone who recently moved into a townhome for rent in Carlisle, PA you may be trying to think of the perfect gift.  You want a gift for renters to strike a balance between being personalized and thoughtful while also being practical.  Here are a few gift ideas for renters that we know… Read more »

Tips for Meeting Your Neighbors When You Move To a New Apartment

apartment in granby ct

Granby, CT is a picturesque town located near Hartford, CT.  When you move to an apartment in Granby, CT, you’ll enjoy rural landscapes and small town charm just a short commute from the city.  Boasting hiking trails and thriving small businesses, residents are proud to call Granby home. Is Granby, CT a Good Place to… Read more »

How to Throw a Party in an Apartment

York pa apartment under 2000

With the holiday season upon us, you may be considering hosting a fun party in your York, PA apartment under $2000.  But you may have concerns about hosting in a smaller space or disturbing your neighbors.  Here are our best tips for throwing a party in an apartment and being a generous host and courteous… Read more »

How Much Rent Can I Afford for an Apartment in Hardeeville, SC?

apartment in hardeeville sc

When you’re apartment hunting, one of the first things you need to determine is how much rent you can afford for an apartment in Hardeeville, SC.  You want to make sure you can live comfortably in an apartment that is within your budget.  Let’s talk about what factors you should consider when deciding your budget…. Read more »

Townhome Vs. Apartment? What’s the Difference?

three bedroom townhome in hagerstown

Are you ready to make the transition from renting an apartment to a townhome, but not sure what the differences are?  One of the top reasons to make the switch is space.  While many apartments offer one and two bedroom options, you will love upgrading to a three bedroom townhome in Hagerstown, MD. Townhome Vs…. Read more »

Family Friendly Apartments in Westminister, MD

family friendly apartments in westminister md

If you are looking for family friendly apartments in Westminister, MD, look no further than Abbey Place!  Our newest northern Maryland apartment complex will provide the safe and convenient living environment you are looking for for your family!   Apartments Near Top Schools in Westminister For many families, living near the best schools possible is… Read more »

Why You Should Rent a Luxury Townhome in Leland, NC

luxury townhome leland nc

When it comes to where to live, you have lots of options.  Apartment, townhome, single-family house, roommate or live alone?  Let’s talk about why a luxury townhome in Leland, NC may be the right choice for you. What is a Townhome? First, you may be wondering what a townhome is and how it’s different from… Read more »

How To Save Money & Stay on Track in Your First Rental Townhouse

hand holding a house with another set of hands in distance and calculator

Moving into your first rental townhouse can be exciting, but it also comes with certain costs that must be considered. Renting a townhouse apartment is often more expensive than a studio unit due to townhomes’ additional square footage and features that are included in the rent. That is why one of the most important factors… Read more »