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Rental Terms You Need to Know Before Searching for a Townhouse for Lease

A person searching on their phone for a real estate listing.

Finding a new home to rent can be difficult. You want to be sure you’re choosing the right location, have a good landlord, are not paying too much rent, and can thrive. But as you read listings for rental homes, you notice weird acronyms and abbreviations, and you’re not exactly sure what they mean. And… Read more »

Attention Tenants of Rental Home Communities: Learn 4 Tips to Reduce Your Utility Bills

an image of a thermostat with a dollar sign on it and a hand turning the temperature down

Navigating the rental process can be overwhelming, particularly when balancing your home utility bills with your rent and other bills. A lease agreement often does not include electricity, water, and gas. However, if these expenses aren’t responsibly managed, they could easily become pretty costly. Whether you’re making sure not to waste energy or taking full… Read more »