You’ve been searching for two- and three-bedroom townhomes for a while now. You’re thrilled because you’ve finally found a few that work with your budget and location needs. The townhouse rental communities offer generous amenities, and you’re getting excited about moving soon. Before you decide to move ahead with these housing opportunities, you’ll want to set up an apartment or townhome tour first.

Don’t rely on the pictures you see on the internet. Ask the property owner or manager to give you a tour to see it in person. You need to inspect some things closely! You’ll want to notice certain things, like if there is chipping paint on the walls, and test some things, like to see if all the outlets work.

Not sure where to start? Burkentine Rentals has you covered! We’ve broken it down room-by-room, so you know exactly what to inspect in each room. Plus, if you haven’t found a rental property yet, we have plenty to choose from! Whether you’re looking for an apartment or a townhouse with a garage for rent, we have something for you. Get in touch with us today to get started!

The Entire Property

When touring apartments or townhomes for rent, there are things to look for in specific rooms, but there are also some things that you should check in each room. Some of those items include:

  • Windows – Are there locks on the windows? Do they easily slide up and down? Do any windows have cracks or broken screens?
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Test them to make sure they work. Find out when the last inspection on these devices was, when the batteries were last replaced, and when they will need to be replaced again.
  • Outlets – Are any outlet cover missing or loose? Do they all work properly? Take a small device you plug in, such as a nightlight, to test them during your tour.
  • Light Fixtures – Test all light switches in the apartment or townhouse with a garage for rent. If any of them are not working, request that the property owner repair them before you move in.
  • Floors and Carpet – Take notice of the condition of the floors and carpet. Are there any scratches on the floors? Stains or rips in the carpet? Be sure to check along the edges of it as well. If you notice any issues, bring it up to the landlord and make a note of it on the lease before signing.
  • Walls – Are they clean and in good condition? Is there any damage to them? Be sure to document everything and ask about any restrictions. For example, are you allowed to paint the walls? Use nails to hang pictures? You’ll also want to look for signs of water damage, which may indicate a leak in the pipes inside the walls.
  • Ceiling – Is there any water damage on the ceiling? Are any tiles missing, or is there evidence of cracks? Also, check for evidence of mold and mildew.
  • Circuit Breaker – Where is the circuit breaker? Are all the breakers labeled and working?
  • HVAC – Ask how the unit is heated and cooled. Check to be sure both the heat and air conditioning work. Find out where the thermostat is and check all ceiling fans to see if they work.


Take notice of the entryway when you first go into an apartment or townhouse with a garage for rent. In addition to the items listed in the previous section, you’ll also want to check the following:

  • Doors – Check for cracks or damage around the door, and ensure all entrances open and close
  • Locks –  Are the locks working correctly? Is a deadbolt installed, and what kind is it?

Living Areas

Depending on the floor plan of the rental unit, you may enter the living areas next. This area could include a living room, dining room, den, or similar space. You’ll want to check these items:

  • Size – How big of a living area do you have? Is there room for a couch, loveseat, recliner, or coffee table? Is there a separate dining room for a table?
  • Cable/Internet – Where are the cable and internet connections? Are they included or extra? Is there a certain provider you must use?
  • Noise Level – Can you hear other units? Have one person go to the bedroom and speak to see if you can hear it in the living room.


The heart of all apartments, townhouses, and condos is the kitchen. It is where you’ll cook meals, store food, and likely make memories. This space has several things to check, including:

  • Fire Extinguisher – Is there a fire extinguisher readily available in the kitchen? When was it last inspected? Check the gauge and make sure it’s in green. If it’s in red, ask the property owner to service it.
  • Appliances – Is there a stove, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, or microwave? Test each appliance to see if it works and if they’re clean. Open both the refrigerator and freezer, too, and check their temperatures. Is there ice buildup in the freezer?
  • Sink – Does the faucet work? How long does it take for the hot water to heat up? Is the water pressure sufficient? Also, take notice of how long it takes for the water to drain. Are there any signs of clogs? Check under the sink for signs of leaks after running and draining the water. If there’s a garbage disposal, make sure it runs correctly.
  • Cabinets – Check all cabinets to make sure they are empty and clean. Look for signs of pests. If you see what looks like spilled sesame seeds or rice, there’s a good chance there’s a mouse problem.


Bathrooms are notorious for having minor issues, so it’s important to check them carefully when considering this housing opportunity. Be sure to check the following:

  • Sink – Check the same things as you did on the kitchen sink. Bathroom sinks also tend to have more clogs caused by hair, so be sure to check for clogs here too.
  • Shower/Bath – Test both the faucet in the shower and the showerhead itself. Be sure the water pressure is sufficient and see how long it takes for the hot water to flow. Check to make sure the water drains properly and that it is clean. Listen for weird noises when the water flows or drains. Check the tile and grout to see if there are any cracks or chips.
  • Toilets – Flush all toilets in the rental. Be sure it flushes properly and that the water flows efficiently.


The bedrooms are where you’ll go to relax and recharge after a long day. Whether you are looking at a one-bedroom apartment or a three-bedroom townhouse with a garage for rent, be sure the bedroom fits your needs.

  • Size – Is it large enough to accommodate your bed and other necessities? Is it hard to access?
  • Closet – How much room do you have? Is it enough space?

The Exterior

The exterior of the building is equally important, and you’ll want to check items such as:

  • Entrances – Check the outside of the entrance, both to your unit and the public ones used to enter the facility. Are they secure? How does one access them? Can anyone just walk in?
  • Pets  – If pets are allowed, ask if there are restrictions on where you can take them. Where can your dog use the bathroom?


If you’re touring a townhouse with a garage for rent, you’ll want to inspect the garage for safety.

  • Garage Door – Does it open and close properly? Is there a garage door opener? Can it be locked? Does it close to the floor?
  • Space – Is there extra space for storage? Can you install shelving for extra storage?

The Rental Community

Apartment and townhouse rental communities often have amenities that single-family homes and other real estate types don’t have. Be sure to check on the following:

  • Laundry Facilities – Is there on-site laundry in each unit or a shared facility? Where is it? How easy is it to access from your unit, and how do you pay for it?
  • Trash Removal – Is trash removal included in the rent? Where do you put your trash bags? Are you responsible for recycling?
  • Mail – Where does the mail get delivered? Is there a safe place for packages to go?
  • Parking – Where is adequate parking? Am I limited to the number of spaces I can use? Where can guests park?
  • Storage – Is any storage available? Can I store my bikes somewhere?

Looking for an Apartment or Townhouse with a Garage for Rent?

Now that you know what to check when touring apartments and townhouses with a garage for rent, you can feel confident in your final decision. If you find any issues, bring them up to the property owner or property manager and ask for the repairs before you move in. At the very least, document the issues on the lease before signing so that you are not held responsible for the issues.

At Burkentine Rentals, we have plenty of apartments and townhomes for rent in central Pennsylvania. Not far from big cities, such as Baltimore, MD, and Philadelphia, PA, you’ll find the best of small-town living with city conveniences nearby. Get in touch with us today to see what rentals we have available!