Whether renting a single-family home or one of the many apartment rentals in Hanover, PA, you know that managing your property can be quite the task. Whether you’re dealing with an emergency repair situation or just trying to keep up with regular maintenance, it’s important to know when to call a property management professional. From plumbing issues to electrical problems and more, a variety of potential issues may arise in your home.

1. Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most serious problems affecting your rental. It can lead to structural damage, mold growth, and even health problems if left unchecked. It can also affect other homes in the rental home community. That’s why it’s important to call property management immediately if you suspect water damage.

Property management will send a maintenance person to assess the situation and determine the best course of action. They may need to bring specialized equipment to remove the water and dry the area. Sometimes, they may even need to replace damaged materials like drywall or flooring.

2. Mold

Mold is a fungus that can grow indoors and outdoors in warm and cold climates. In Hanover, PA, mold is a common problem because of the humid summers and cold winters. Mold can cause various health problems, including respiratory issues, skin irritation, and headaches.

If you see or smell mold in your apartment, you must call property management immediately. They can inspect the unit and determine the best action to remove the mold and prevent it from returning.

3. Heating and Cooling Issues

If your heat isn’t working or your apartment is too cold, you should first check your thermostat to ensure it’s on and set to the correct temperature. If it appears to be working properly, then you should contact your property management company so they can send someone to look at it.

Cooling issues are a bit trickier since there could be several reasons why your apartment is too warm. Again, check your thermostat to see if it’s set properly. If it appears to be working, then contact your property management company so they can send someone to look at the problem.

4. Electrical Problems

If you experience any electrical problems in your apartment, you must call property management immediately. Electrical problems can pose a serious safety hazard to you and your family.

Some common electrical problems that you may experience include:

  • Flickering lights
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Dead outlets
  • Sparking wires

If you experience any of these problems, or any other electrical issue, do not hesitate to call the property manager of your rental home community. They will be able to send someone out to fix the problem as soon as possible.

5. Plumbing Issues

You should never try to fix many problems on your own, and plumbing issues are one of them. You may end up doing more damage than good, and you’ll be responsible for those repairs. Plumbing is a very delicate system in your home; if something goes wrong, it can cause much damage. Here are some common plumbing problems that you should always call property management to fix when living in apartment rentals in Hanover, PA:

  • Leaky Faucets – A leaky faucet may seem like a minor issue, but it can waste a lot of water and increase your water bill. If you have a leaky faucet, property management can help you fix it or replace it so that you’re not wasting any more water.
  • Clogged Drains – Clogged drains are another common plumbing problem that many people try to fix on their own with harmful chemicals. These chemicals can damage your pipes and make the problem worse. Property management has the tools and knowledge to safely clear out clogged drains without damaging your pipes.
  • Toilet Issues – Toilet issues like clogs or leaks can be very messy and frustrating. Never try to fix these yourself – always call property management for help. They have the proper tools and experience to quickly resolve any toilet issue without making a bigger mess.
  • Water Heater Issues – Water heaters often break down when you need them most, like in the middle of a cold winter night. If your water heater isn’t working properly, property management can help you troubleshoot the problem or replace the unit if needed.
  • Sewer Line Issues – Sewer line issues are probably the most difficult plumbing problems to fix. They require special knowledge and specialized tools, so it’s best to leave these bigger projects to property management. They have the right equipment and experience to quickly get your sewer line back up and running without any further damage.

Getting the Right Apartment Rentals in Hanover, PA, Makes Problems Easier to Manage

When you decide to rent one of the many apartment home communities in the area, make sure you do your research first. Know what issues you will have to manage on your own and which can be addressed through property management. To find some of the best apartment rentals in Hanover, PA, contact us here at Burkentine Rentals today!