The start of a new year means a fresh start.  You may feel motivated to declutter your space for your New Year’s resolution or because you’re looking for new apartments for rent in Carlisle, PA.  If you’re planning to move in the new year, cleaning and organizing your home now will make the move easier when the time comes.

5 Decluttering Tips to Make Your Space Feel New

Whether you are staying in your current home for a while or searching for new apartments for rent in Carlisle, PA you can benefit from spending some time decluttering in the new year.

  • Start Small: If the thought of cleaning and organizing your entire living space at once seems overwhelming, choose a small, manageable area.  This may be one room or even one drawer or shelf.  You could also start with a specific category and go from there.  
  • Spark Joy: Try the popular tactic of considering whether an item serves a purpose or brings you joy.  If the answer is no, it may be set aside for donation, resale, or trash.  
  • Every Item In Its Place. For frequently used items, set aside a specific place for them.  Items like keys, mail, and chargers should be in an area that’s organized and provides convenient access. 
  • One In, One Out.  If accumulating too many items is a problem, try getting rid of something every time you bring something new in.  This can help keep your possessions manageable (and prevent overstuffed closets and drawers).
  • Host A Swap Party.  Once you’ve completed decluttering and have items you want to pass on, consider hosting a swap party with your friends.  You can clear out items you no longer need and may find a few treasures.  Just be mindful of what you choose to add to your home after you’ve done all the hard work of decluttering!

Apartments for Rent in Carlisle, PA

If you’re planning a move in 2024, decluttering is one of the first steps to reduce the stress that can come with moving.  

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